About ad and be

adbe photography was established in June of 2014. Adam (ad) Nelson and Becca (be) Simonsen both attended Ridgewater’s Professional Photography program in Willmar, MN. Adam graduated in 2005, while Becca attended years later and graduated in 2014. The two became friends while both working together at a local studio. The studio closed it’s doors and Adam and Becca decided to join forces, becoming co-owners of adbe photography.

ADam grew up in the Eden Valley area. He is married to Adrienne. More to come – stay tuned.



BEcca grew up in a fairly large family in NW Iowa. After graduating high school, she moved out to the East coast to be a nanny for two years. In the late 90s she moved to St. Cloud, MN and attended St. Cloud Technical College for advertising and was a graphic designer for 12 years. In 2002, she married Chris and began her married life in Sartell, MN. They have two children, Sophia and Miles. They also have a black golden doodle named Louie. In 2012 Becca decided that it would be a great opportunity to make her dream become a reality by attending the photography program at Ridgewater. She enjoys spending time with family and friends, traveling (mostly to warmer, sunny, and sandy destinations), jigsaw puzzles, listening to comedy, drinking coffee, wine, and craft beer (especially her husband’s home-brew). And, most recently, she has developed a liking to sewing, which makes her quilting mom’s heart burst.

Personal motto: “Find that person to giggle with until you both have tears.”